Telluride Yoga Center is pleased to host various workshops and special series throughout the year.
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Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras

with Dr. Hollie Sue Mann

Cost: $150 Bundle Package⁠
$40 Single Drop-In⁠
**½ off for teachers of any kind**⁠

Tuesday nights, Sept. 7 – 28, 6 – 8:30pm, in studio or online Zoom option.⁠

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An indispensable resource for all yogis and anyone seeking peace on the path of yoga, this text is comprised of few words but contains tremendous knowledge. The Sanskrit word ‘sutra’ means thread, and this book beautifully weaves together many threads of wisdom concerning the theory and practice of yoga. Although it was written around the 2nd century BCE, the Yoga Sutras continue to be a source of strength and wisdom for yogis from many different lineages. It is ancient and was written for those who live very differently than most of us today, but still has so much to offer the modern-day student and teacher of yoga.


This special series, taught by our own Dr. Hollie Sue Mann, is an introduction to the Yoga Sutras by way of philosophical and somatic exploration of its central themes. Together, we will learn more about the nature of the mind, the practice of yoga, the blessed results of our practice, and what enlightenment is all about! Consisting of four classes, you can sign up for the entire series or attend individual sessions (though it is best if you can attend all four, as the classes build successively on one another). We highly recommend that you purchase a copy of the Sutras and read the sections we will go over before coming to class. (Details concerning the readings and the recommended translations will be provided upon registration.) No prior knowledge of the text or Sanskrit is necessary. 


We are pleased to have TYC owner and director Hollie Sue offering this yoga philosophy course. Trained as a political philosopher and theorist, Hollie Sue taught ancient political thought at University of North Carolina for many years and this is, by far, her favorite material to teach in the shala setting.


Gong Bath Immersion

with Steven Viellette, every second and fourth Sunday of the month, Cost: $35

The gong is a psycho-acoustic gateway to heightened states of awareness and consciousness. The overtones and undertones of the gong create a field of harmonics that stimulate the cells of our body to vibrate in harmony, restoring balance through deep states of relaxation. The sound waves and frequencies generated by the gong alter our brainwave patterns, moving us from high beta (waking state) to alpha, then theta and even into delta (deep meditative state). When this happens the sympathetic nervous system (flight or fight response) is turned off and the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest response) is activated, resulting in healing on a molecular level. In the beginning there was sound, then light, energy, matter, then more. Everything in the whole universe is vibrating all the time – even things that appear still, and even the cells of our bodies. Gong immersion invites us to tune in to the ways in which our own vibrations are a part of a much grander symphony of sound.

Sedna Gong