The Space

The shala at Telluride Yoga Center is a place where yoga is experienced in ways that extend far beyond the poses on our mats.

We are located on the second floor of the historic Nugget building with some of the best views from town out of our big, beautiful windows. Our vision for this gorgeous space is that it be genuinely collective—that is, a place where teachers, students, musicians, artists, philosophers, activists, and creators of all stripes—come together to practice, grow, create, and live. As such, it is a place where the depth and richness of yoga can be observed and felt in multiple ways, where the yoga of art and the art of yoga are fully realized. From the moment you walk in, you will see and experience yoga all around—from the art we have carefully curated to reflect our community, ideals, and aspirations; to the murtis and deities whose qualities we seek to embody and honor; to the music that uplifts us, playing in the background; to the philosophers and texts we read, and the words we speak to one another; to even the aromatic experience that fills the space. When you come to the shala to practice, we want you to feel as though you have come home.

The following are some of the artists and designers whose work can be seen and experienced at Telluride Yoga Center, all sage women, all but one local to Telluride, who inspire us with their creativity, wisdom, beauty.

The Women of Tweed, Victoria Crawford and Robyn Shaw

Friends and students at the shala, Robyn and Victoria were there from the beginning, translating Hollie Sue’s nascent vision for the entry room and studio in the historic Nugget Building into the elegant, simple, & vibrant space it is now. Tweed is a full service interior design studio and boutique in Telluride that offers a fresh, chic style, paying close attention to architectural elements, while incorporating art, texture, color, and light to achieve an eclectic and unique outcome. Victoria’s art education and Robyn’s urban experience formulate a succinct balance that perfectly translates their design statement. We are ever-grateful for the talent, vision, and dedication of these two badass women of Telluride.

Britt Bradford

Britt brings together everything we love at the Telluride Yoga Center—practice, philosophy, and art. She offers series and workshops that enliven us, and invite us to see yoga at work in different mediums and in our own creative processes. Her painting expands the field of classical realism, pushing the boundaries of the craft and technique, exploring contemporary and ancient ideas and concepts. Britt also uses energy work while in the creative process and is always experimenting and pushing herself to tap into something much greater than the self from which these paintings can take form. Her rigorous academic training and fascination with the occult, are her foundation and she believes that it is in deep study and pure awareness where genius and new thought can flourish. In Yoga, too, we believe that it is out of deep study and pure consciousness that radical thought and loving action spring forth.

Ella Hassan

Ella keeps the shala fresh and floral every week, with her gorgeous arrangements, which are inspired by the unique mountain landscapes of the San Juan’s and the vibrant flora of the West Coast. Flowers by Ella is based out of On Main right here in Telluride, and creates unique, custom designs for us each week. Flowers by Ella is based out of On Main in beautiful Telluride, Colorado. Our altar and entry room always feature rare selections of flowers, fruits, and greenery that she has lovingly curated for the shala. Her arrangements reflect the simple elegance of the practice of yoga and its relationship to the beauty of the natural world.

Brittany Anne Miller

Brittany’s work integrates elements of nature with sacred geometry, imagery, and the divine in feminine form in a very powerful way. The magic of this collection deeply resonates with me personally, and orbits the ancient, potent teachings of yoga. ‘Sacred Spaces’ brings together fine pencil drawings with dimensional layering while some pieces having 3-d objects creating mesmerizing yet simple mixed media creations. The minimalist composition will not dilute the full metaphorical intent behind each piece. The contemplations run deep of how one person can make a difference in these times while also working in collaborations harvesting not only the nectar of life but nurturing the necessities of life. The over all tone of this series echoes the beauty and benefit of being in harmony within our world with sincere simplicity. To see more of her work, come take a class with us at the studio, and follow her on social media.

Katy Parnello

A self-taught designer, artist, and woodworker specializing in electroliers, re-purposed wood wall hangings with soft lighting, Katy crafted the exquisite exterior and interior main studio doors, as well as our beautiful altar. They simply have to be seen in person to be believed.

Sara Ward

“I’m fascinated with learning how I express myself.” Sara is a self-described creative compulsive—a painter, jewelry-maker, designer, furniture-maker, somatic guide, and yoga teacher. She is yoga embodied in art, philosophy, and much more. Many have experienced her talents of expression in her powerful yoga classes, renowned in Telluride and beyond for their wisdom and depth. Now channeling her creativity in a fresh way, Ward has moved into the realm of painting and her work is truly transformational. Sara teaches workshops on creativity and consciousness, yoga philosophy, and yoga as a way of life at the shala. Her work, daily embodiment of yoga, and dear friendship has been a major source of inspiration to Director and Co-Owner, Hollie Sue, from the beginning. Follow her on Insta and visit our workshops page to learn more about her offerings at TYC.

Lauren Williams

Williams’ work is an exercise in surrender. The fluidity of materials used in Lauren’s work must be guided towards completion, never controlled. With the belief that there is a fine line between forcing beauty and allowing it happen, Lauren expresses a variety of juxtapositions in her works between textures and colors. Lauren’s textile art and paintings have been incorporated into private residences, hotels, and public spaces around the world, and we are very honored to have her work hanging at Telluride Yoga Center. Yoga is an exercise in surrender and finding the freedom that comes with letting go. “My form of art demands surrender. As the artist I begin with a plan, but the more freedom I give each piece to come alive, the more captivating the result.” To see more, visit Williams’ website.