Our Vibe

TYC is all about that One Love.

Our Goal

Our goal is to bring yoga to a diverse and evolving demographic of people on the path, and to also open yoga–as a philosophy and practice–up to diversifying and evolving. Yoga is an ancient practice but one that was made for this moment of radical change and speaking truth to power.

Our Mission

TYC explicitly adopts an ethos consistent with the 8-limbed path, one that values equality, diversity, inclusivity, non-violence, and non-elitism, and actively works to overcome systemic racism, cultural appropriation, and misogyny in yogic spaces and culture. This is an integral part of our mission, offerings, and teachings.

Our Music

Music is a huge part of our life, our practice, and how we connect with our community. Whether through kirtan (call-and-response singing), live music, a DJ’d asana class, or a rad playlist, music fills the shala every day. Please enjoy some of our favorite Spotify playlists below and join us for music in the shala soon!

Music makes the world go ’round