Our Teachers

Instructors at TYC.

Hollie Sue Mann

Sun 10am, Mon 10am, Wed 10am

Hollie Sue is the Director and Co-Owner of the Telluride Yoga Center. She moved to Telluride full-time in early 2019 with her family, after having left a career as a professor of political theory at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has completed many teacher trainings, and has been teaching yoga since 2007. Her teaching-style reflects her background as a philosopher and activist, as well as her love of music, art, and spirituality in many forms. Hollie Sue’s classes are highly energetic, open to all-levels, and are known for their physical rigor, well-curated and uplifting playlists, dharma talks, and transformative moments. Hollie Sue teaches in-home and studio privates for students who want to grow and deepen their yoga practice in a variety of ways–including asana (physical practices of yoga), harmonium instruction, yoga philosophy, meditation & introductory Sanskrit. She works with students recovering from physical injury as well as those who have never set foot on a yoga mat. Hollie is a highly skilled teacher and communicator and is most at home in the seat of both teacher and student. Since formally breaking with her main lineage, Jivamukti, over allegations of sexual harassment amongst high-ranking teachers and an abusive culture, she has been an outspoken critic of the ways in which the yoga industry has been a source of trauma, cultural appropriation, sexual harassment/abuse, exploitation, and spiritual bypassing. Please visit her website to read some of her writing and learn more.

Tatiana Armstrong

Tues 7am, Thurs 7am, Sun 7pm

In 2013 she realized the gifts she’d received from yoga should be shared, and became a certified 300 hour teacher. In 2020, she began a journey to become a certified Yoga Therapist; and has completed 500 hour studies in Yoga for Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Addiction Recovery, Ayurvedic Practices, Cancer, chronic pain, chakras, and others with world renowned teachers. She has done intensive research and writing in Yoga for Feminine Transformation during Menopause as well. Tatiana is continuing her studies and plans to be a fully certified Yoga Therapist by 2022. She leads yoga with the belief that strength -in all aspects of life- comes from understanding, and works to break down and explore the body and mind through breath and mindfulness to gain true understanding of the divine world around and within us.

Shannon Earthtree

Shannon Earthtree

40 Day Sadhana Offering 
Shannon EarthTree has been teaching Kundalini Yoga & Meditation since 2002. She strives to provide experiences that inspire practitioners to take the radiance of their practice out into the world, uplifting others through their mere presence. Combining yogic thought and philosophy with Vedic Astrology (Shannon is grateful to have been trained by Dr. Katy Komenda), her intention is always to guide others toward moving past their perceived limitations and blocks, enabling them to expand into their true selves and live from this state. Currently she lives in Telluride, Colorado with her saintly husband, magical daughter, and furry friends.

Marie Green

Mon 12pm & 1:30pm, Fri 10am & 12pm

Marie is from Växjö, Sweden and studied Dance in Stockholm before she fell in love with Yoga. She became a Massage Therapist in 1995 and with that the interest for spiritual practices began. She dipped her toes into many different styles of Yoga before focusing on Alignment Based Yoga. Marie teaches an uplifting, flowing class, focusing on alignment and a practice with intention. Marie holds a 500h Anusara Yoga Teacher Certificate, studies Rasa Yoga and Mythic Yoga Flow with International yoga teacher Sianna Sherman’s online teacher trainings and has been teaching Yoga since 2001. Since March 2019, Marie completed a year long studies with IIN and became a Certified Health Coach with Institute for Integrative Nutrition,as well receiving a Certificate in Yin Yoga~ Website: mariegreenyoga.com

Julia Johnston

Sunday 7pm

A lifelong yogi, Julia began her journey before birth in pre-natal yoga sessions. When Julia was just a couple years old, her mother guided her through meditations, and thus the seeds of spirituality and conscious awareness were planted. Throughout life’s chaotic tendencies, her practice remained constant, allowing Julia to connect her mind, body and soul as one. In 2015, Julia decided to expand her practice by traveling to India and attending a 200hr registered yoga teacher training course where she focused primarily on Ashtanga based yoga. During her training, she studied the Primary Series, Anatomy, Alignment, Yoga Philosophy, Teaching Mythology, Ayurveda, Pranayama, Meditation and Kriyas. After returning from India, Julia traveled west to the San Juans to share and cultivate the knowledge gained during her travels and inspire those to live at peace with oneself and others. Join Julia for slow, juicy flows where you’ll receive the full yoga experience.

Annika Kristiansen

Tues 10am, Thurs 10am

For Annika, yoga is not confined to the asana. Her practice and her teachings extend to beyond the mat ways of being and seeing that she enthusiastically shares with her students. As a runner, biker, and mountain girl, she infuses her classes with a deep understanding of anatomy along with meditations to feed the soul. Join her for a vibration raising, not-too-serious, carefully-sequenced Vinyasa flow.

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Crisanne Schworn

Crisanne is so grateful to be on this journey down the yogic path with all of you beautiful people! Yoga started to change her life in 2012 when recovering from a ski injury. She realized how important it is to listen to her body and have the tools to calm her mind.
Since then, she went on a transformational yoga retreat, has taken hundreds of classes and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training at Zenver Yoga, in Denver, Colorado. Her training is based on the therapeutic vision which is designed to open up all of the myofascial lines of the body, invigorating students and leaving them feeling completely open and relaxed. This training helped her to realize that practicing yoga is not about how you look, it is about how you feel and adapting poses to work for your body. Along with opening the physical body, students will enjoy groovy tunes, meditation, breathwork and sometimes incorporating elements such as free form movement, chanting and essential oils. She also offers modifications to allow students to listen to their bodies and adapt accordingly, no matter where they are in their yoga practice. She believes yoga can be practiced by anybody, no matter their body type, their beliefs, race or self identity. Yoga has the potential to connect us all on a deeper level and shine a light on where we can make a difference in the world.

Robyn Van Gelder

Practice and all is coming.  To the mind that is still, the universe surrenders.  Motivation comes from many sources.  These are a couple quotes which have inspired me over the years to sit still and be quiet.  After many years of moving meditation in the forms of yoga, running and skiing, simple meditation, focus on inhaling-exhaling and sitting still are still my deepest source of contentment.  I am grateful for an opportunity to sit in silence and still the mind with others.  I look forward to holding space for the practice.

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Sara Ward

Sara is an E-RYT500 certified yoga teacher. She studies with some of the most respected teachers in the modern yoga world including Douglas Brooks, Paul Muller-Ortega, David Frawley and Christopher Wallis. Her interest in yoga philosophy is apparent as she injects wisdom and inspiration into slow flow asana classes designed to support all levels. She has a talent for making the complex and often esoteric wisdom of yoga approachable and appropriate for modern students. Beyond the mat Sara offers workshops on topics ranging from Yoga Philosophy, Yoga History, Meditation and more.

Gretchen Williams

Gretchen hails from St. Paul, Minnesota. She became a full-time yoga teacher, while living in NYC in 2014, where she had the honor of learning from and working for elite teachers and leaders.
Eventually, she escaped the cold winters to the Pacific Coast of Mexico, where she taught a wide variety of expats, tourists and locals at classes, retreats and wellness events. As a former athlete, she appreciates vigorous yet safe movement, and offers cues and modifications to bring grace, space and ease into all bodies. She’s been trained well beyond her initial 200 hours, including yoga for seniors and those working with injuries and I have a passion and private clientele for teaching teenagers mindfulness and yoga.
Gretchen is grounded, calm, and warm, and she holds space for students to show up as they are without judgment. She leads with a nourishing and honest style and strives to offer a safe, well-informed yet fun class that anchors your body, opens your heart and expands your mind. Oh, and good music too! www.gretchenwilliamsyoga.com.

Special Guest Instructors at TYC.

allison guitar

Allison Dennis

Allison is a masterful teacher of asana, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, Hindu music, Vedic astrology and more. Hollie and Allison will offer a dharma on the lila (or, play) of the Bhagavad Gita, and why this text is so relevant for modern yogis. Then Hollie Sue will guide students through an asana class inspired by Arjuna and Krishna, and the friendship between them, while Allison will lull us into a peaceful, sattvic state with songs of Krishna and Gopala (baby Krishna). This class is 90 minutes. You won’t want to miss this bhakti offering of love, devotion and friendship.

Britt Bradford

Britt brings together everything we love at the Telluride Yoga Center—practice, philosophy, and art. She offers series and workshops that enliven us, and invite us to see yoga at work in different mediums and in our own creative processes. Her painting expands the field of classical realism, pushing the boundaries of the craft and technique, exploring contemporary and ancient ideas and concepts. Britt also uses energy work while in the creative process and is always experimenting and pushing herself to tap into something much greater than the self from which these paintings can take form. Her rigorous academic training and fascination with the occult, are her foundation and she believes that it is in deep study and pure awareness where genius and new thought can flourish. In Yoga, too, we believe that it is out of deep study and pure consciousness that radical thought and loving action spring forth.

Sedna Gong

Steven Veillette

Steven Veillette is a resident of The West End, in beautiful southwest Colorado. Over the past three decades, he has received formal training in qigong, meditation and sound therapy. His practice of sound therapy over the years has involved mantra recitation, singing bowls and the gong. For the last half decade his focus on sonic alchemy has been with the gong. The sounds produced by the gong change our sense of time and locality, creating a truly powerful, transformational and therapeutic instrument. The Gong has been truly instrumental in transforming his own health which is why he has chosen to share this modality of sound therapy with others who are willing to participate.